How To Brew Oolong Tea

First you need to heat the water to 85 - 90 degrees, without bringing to a boil.

When the water has reached the desired temperature, a small amount is used to wash the kettle and cups. Then Oolong tea is poured into the kettle - usually about 1/4 of the volume of the teapot.

The kettle is about half full with hot water. The first tea leaves cannot be drunk yet; it is designed to “wake up” tea and allow the leaves to turn around. It also removes excess dust from the leaves.

After the first brewing, the water is drained after 10 seconds and immediately pour a new one.

Water from the first infusion is poured into cups to warm them. This water is then poured onto the kettle.

The next brewing should take place from 30 to 50 seconds, depending on the type and quality of the Oolongs. Cooking Oolongs is a very delicate art and finding the appropriate balance between volume, temperature and brewing time requires knowledge of tea leaves and practical experience.

Oolong tea is poured through a filter from a kettle into a serving jug, and then into separate bowls. The bowls are located next to each other and the filling is carried out in a continuous circular motion.

After pouring Oolong, the kettle must be immediately filled with hot water for a subsequent serving. Each subsequent brewing may be slightly longer than the previous one. With good quality tea, you can expect to make 5 to 8 brews before the tea begins to lose flavor.